PetroGulf Grease Lithium E.P

PetroGulf Lithium EP greases are multipurpose type greases and, are suitable for most grease applications where the loads are high, & under high pressure conditions, the action of the machine elements is oscillating. These are extreme pressure, multipurpose type grease (NLGI consistency No. 0, 1, & 2).

API : # 1, 2, 3    SAE: E.P.


PetroGulf Grease Lithium M.P

PetroGulf Multipurpose Greases are lithium soap thickened & smooth textured greases, water resistant, incorporating solvent-refined base oils. PetroGulf Multipurpose Greases are mainly intended for use in plain and roller bearings of all types and in all kinds of machinery under normal load conditions and within an operating temperature range of -20°C to +120°C.

API : # 1, 2, 3    SAE: M.P.


PetroGulf Grease Lithium Complex

PetroGulf Lithium Complex Grease is multipurpose optimum quality lithium complex grease for a wide range of industrial, automotive, commercial and off highway applications. PetroGulf Lithium Complex has excellent high temperature performance and features oxidation stability and rust protection with noted resistance to chemical breakdown.

API : # 1, 2, 3    SAE: Complex


PetroGulf Grease Calcium

PetroGulf Calcium Grease is calcium thickened soap grease formulated to provide lubrication and wear protection at the wheel/rail interface around curves. This product is designed to provide excellent performance in the areas of lubricant carry-down, dispensability and weather resistance.

API : # 1, 2, 3    SAE: M.P.


PetroGulf Grease Moly

PetroGulf Lithium Moly Grease No. 2 greases are lithium extreme pressure greases containing 3% molybdenum disulfide (moly). Applications include plain and antifriction bearings, ball joints, kingpins, hinge and bucket pins and heavy duty applications..

API : #2


PetroGulf Grease HT

PetroGulf High Temperature Greases are new generation high performance, high temperature, heavy load bearing and water resistant greases developed with a unique thickener system. This grease is non melting, Bentonite clay-thickened grease with EP & antirust properties which shows outstanding heat resistance as its thickener is non melting.